Today is your day!!


Hello everyone,
Firstly, thank you for reading this, as this is my first post on this blog…
Now coming back to the point, I’ll tell you one thing about me, sometimes I just try to get to the point, I love to drag it though… So as I was saying, oops, I’ve not said anything yet..
Okay, so you might be wondering about the title, “Today is your day!! Seriously!!” you might be getting some second thoughts about this, before you do, I just want you to close your eyes… Take a deep breath, now ask yourself who you are and what the purpose of your life is… If you can answer that, then don’t sit around, just get up and don’t follow your dreams, chase them and make sure you start working on it, now, and believe that you can do it and work.. By the next time you would look into the past and remember how you did that, well, you’ll only call it a miracle…
And if you don’t have any answer, that’s cool, because that’s when the journey begins, just take your things and go out and start chasing your sole dream, you always were passionate about something when you were a child, when you were a teen, when you were in a college or even now, just chase after that, eventually you’ll end up with the life you always dreamt of!!
And if you are still confused, just be yourself first and start loving yourself, you’ll feel better and your soul might give you some answers then..
And I guess, that really makes this your day..
I would just end this post with few lines from one of the poems written by me (Yea I’m a Poet),

“Life is just a mystery,
But why do people compare it with history..
They know only the Lord has the answers,
Then why do they fight over silly matters,
To live and to love is our duty,
Thus making the world a better place to be..”

~ Amith Chhabria…