Appreciate, For There’s Life at Stake !

Where do I go now?
For every where I see, is just a closed wall,
That keeps me trapped in a fantasy.
What do I say now?
For I’ve been screaming for long,
Oh does anyone hear my voiceless call?

How do I walk now?
For, I’ve been trembling at every step,
All those past horrors, behind me they silently crept.
I honestly cannot lock up this feeling now,
For it would only grow stronger, if it is just left to wander.

Getting hit by these rhythm less beats, inside my mind,
I kept on asking myself,
Was there any ultimate path, that I had to find?
People think it’d better for me to look back and fight,
But how could I, for it was the light, that robbed me of my right!

All those voices, noises inside my head,
Feels like, I’m being hit by a rod of lead!
No one I have, whom I could say this to,
I did give up on life when I could see nothing new,

Change they say, heals you,
But when would that change ever occur, I sure never knew!
You say, I should’ve tried,
Well if I said I hadn’t tried, that would clearly be just a lie!
Oh why oh why! my dear life, have you been so sly!

Why is life unfair I ask, then I see towards my left
I see a father feeding his kid, though he looked pale,
Hadn’t eaten in days, yet gave his child the last piece of biscuit.
If looking at that doesn’t make your heart melt, nothing will.

That little thing around me, kept me going that day,
For I felt there was hope, even for the hopeless,
But doesn’t it just take one little push,
To turn this world into a space, that’s just colourless!

I did realize, all I needed was a voice from outside,
That would have broken the closed wall,
And answered to that voiceless call,
Calmed me down and made me believe I could find and walk my path,
Helped me in trusting the light, that I’ve been blaming my whole life.

May be, it’s true everyone needs someone, who make them feel good,
Things that they’d do, just to see them smile, shouldn’t everyone deserve this too.
May be, the end, isn’t what everyone has been hoping it to be,
Because it ends up being another illusion that we will never be able to see!

Appreciate things around You.

To everyone who is reading this, just want to remind you that, life is incredibly short. I’ve seen two close deaths in the past year. You really never know when you are going to see someone for the last time. It’s about time, you start appreciating the presence of people you actually care about.

Sometimes, you never know what battles the person is going through, small and kind words from you could do wonders. Please do not hold anything back. One word. One Sentence. One Person. One small hand could make huge difference. This poem is just a tribute to that!

It’s really been an honour that you have been reading my blog. I started it 5 years back with the sole motive of helping people realize their true potential. I really hope I might’ve succeeded in helping at least one person.

Keeping this milestone in mind, I am thrilled to say that my debut book, “Lift Me Higher” is finally available for sale through my website! It is a compilation of most of the lessons I’ve learned in my life, penned in the form of poems.

Lift Me Higher – By Amith Chhabria


Hoping you would like it. Do let me know what you thought about this one and will be back with another amazing poem/post ! Until then, #LIVEyOURLIFE. ❤

Today is your day!!


Hello everyone,
Firstly, thank you for reading this, as this is my first post on this blog…
Now coming back to the point, I’ll tell you one thing about me, sometimes I just try to get to the point, I love to drag it though… So as I was saying, oops, I’ve not said anything yet..
Okay, so you might be wondering about the title, “Today is your day!! Seriously!!” you might be getting some second thoughts about this, before you do, I just want you to close your eyes… Take a deep breath, now ask yourself who you are and what the purpose of your life is… If you can answer that, then don’t sit around, just get up and don’t follow your dreams, chase them and make sure you start working on it, now, and believe that you can do it and work.. By the next time you would look into the past and remember how you did that, well, you’ll only call it a miracle…
And if you don’t have any answer, that’s cool, because that’s when the journey begins, just take your things and go out and start chasing your sole dream, you always were passionate about something when you were a child, when you were a teen, when you were in a college or even now, just chase after that, eventually you’ll end up with the life you always dreamt of!!
And if you are still confused, just be yourself first and start loving yourself, you’ll feel better and your soul might give you some answers then..
And I guess, that really makes this your day..
I would just end this post with few lines from one of the poems written by me (Yea I’m a Poet),

“Life is just a mystery,
But why do people compare it with history..
They know only the Lord has the answers,
Then why do they fight over silly matters,
To live and to love is our duty,
Thus making the world a better place to be..”

~ Amith Chhabria…