Are we really living?

Trapped in my own soul,
Is this what I thought was my goal!
Certainly not, for doing that would only make me a fool!
Then where was the point I went wrong,
That’s a question for which an answer I’ve been wanting to find for long,
Alas, only if I had been strong.
While I say all these, all I can remember are those times,
Where all those dreams were young and everything seemed nice!
All I am left with, is a land filled with lies!
Running down the streams,
The irresistible feeling on my face, when I’m hit with a breeze!
Fighting all day and none getting offended,
Such days, now are just another dead end!

Trapped in my own soul,
Can’t find a single space, to get out of this black hole!
Everyday, I’ve been asking where I had gone away!
Yet, I still remember those days, when my imagination would go stray
And that would always make my day,
All I can see today is butts of cigarettes mixed with ash in the tray!
Coming back home while the clocks struck seven,
Delicious appetizers made hot by my mum, would always remind me of a time that was truly a heaven!
Those were some days, when innocence was a great trait,
Happiness and love never had any template!

Can I get back my childhood,
For now that I stand where my parents stood,
Looking up to my parents,
Today I realise all that they’ve done for me,
Has a value that no one can ever see!
I only hope people would realise this too,
Looking through these characters and illusions!
Living in fear from the senseless superstitions!

Today I fear for every time I try to rhyme,
For getting laughed at is a feeling worse than getting caught for a crime,
But as a child, I would have said things without any filter,
And everything would would be straight from the heart, that I always said without any stutter!
Even if the world laughed, I’d be proud that I had spread laughter,
For every thing around me, makes me want to slaughter!Can I get back that childhood of mine,
Where all I had was love and smile!
By the time you read this, I’d be away
Where there’s an everlasting day!

Been trapped in my own soul,
All that happened because, I never let the child in me become whole!
At that moment I knew,
And I say this to you;
If you had to live for someone,
Live for that child in you!
For he hoped a great deal of you!

In the end, keeping that child in us alive could help us survive!

Let me know your thoughts on this! Will be back with another great post!

Be a child!


Hello again, I’m not gonna spoil your mood, but today is Monday..
If this fact has given you a positive or no feeling, then you have lived your life pretty well..
If not, then I’m afraid you’ve been living your life in a wrong way..

Well, there is a way, you can convert this feeling into a positive one, and that is, living like a child..
No, I’m not asking you to stop your work.. I want you to build your character based on a child..
The above picture is from The Legend Of Korra, the guy in the pic was destined to save the world when he was only 12. What’s interesting is he kept the child in him alive even after many years..
A child is a joyous human. A child expresses his/her love without showing any sign of greed.. Children are innocent.. They make mistakes and learn from them. They make new friends easily..
They fight and they forgive each other easily, and they forget about it and live happily..
They laugh, they smile, they don’t care what the world thinks of them, they just play around having fun, they love and live their dream..
They dream high, and have their goals fixed, but as they get older they are hit with a giant brick and are forced not to dream high and their dreams are shattered as they grow up.. They always worry “what the society would think of them when they fail” and so, they settle for low..
And one of them might be you..
You are a beautiful creation.. You are born to be awesome..
As Steve Jobs said:

We’re here to make a dent in the universe, otherwise why else even be here..

Children are imaginative and creative by nature, they love to innovate, they love to explore.. The problem is, they are not given the freedom to express their feeling or to develop their talent..
You can’t just fix a routine stating a child has to do only this at this time, and destroy their life.. Instead, help them in digging their talents out, see what they are happy doing, see what he/she wants to become.. As Albert Einstein once stated:

Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

When you realise a child’s true capability, you might wonder what happened to the child that once existed in you.. Let me remind you, that child is still alive, you can bring it back to life.. All you need is some guts to do it..
A child would never bother what day it is..

When you do that, just remind yourself on a Sunday night, “Tomorrow’s Monday!” and see what your reaction is..

I’ll end with a great expression stated by William Wordsworth in one of his poems:

“The child is father of the man.”

Will be back with an awesome post.. Till then just LIVE yOUR LIFE!! 🙂