What is life?

An answer to that is never objective. It is a subjective concept and I am here just penning my thoughts.

The major idea behind this blog was to just help people to rediscover the magic of life. My theory is, no matter how much one teaches us any thing, we wouldn’t end up doing that thing unless, we have the inspiration to do it.

So, this blog became a tool which would help them in realizing that they are the ones  that can only help them in becoming a better version of themselves.

Living a normal life in this day and age has become a job in itself and a lot of us have forgotten to live our life, dreams and have been living a life others wanted us to live. And that gave birth to LIVE, yOUR LIFE. I ask you not to be selfish, but to just live life in a way that it not only brings you peace, but also, helps bring peace to the world

Happy reading.

About me? Not much. Just another person lost in forever traffic of thoughts.

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