Strange times we are in now, looking around, we just wonder and ask how!

Looking back wouldn’t be of any help, because, all it took for us to bow was just a cough!

From the US to Macao, name any town, it has come to a standing still, can’t explain how,

Half-baked fellows acting like a know all, get ticked off, for being disallowed for getting of their house!

But putting all this shitshow aside, we cannot let this fact of life slide

Who knew it would’ve been the last day you’d seen someone and did not feel the need to say a proper ciao!

Just few months into this decade and we have seen crazy things we cannot fathom, honestly

Losing thousands of people already, memories of their happy smile, doesn’t come for free,

If only we did appreciate our worth early on, this situation wouldn’t had arrived, this, I cannot just deny.

Despite all this I can see people sit back and cry and valuing the need for treating mental health equally.

If it takes a pandemic for people to come together, this just makes our thinking sick!

Countries finally turning mature, maintaining peace and working for a cure,

But there wouldn’t be a point if we steer back to the life of impure.

Yet amidst this, some did try to clear the mist made of lies that surrounded their life,

And we saw families finally connected, lost friends reunited, all those unnecessary fights being mended,

Relationships being tested, during this time of stress!

People finally recognizing there’s life outside their cubicle and begin to de-stress,

Some finally digging in themselves and rediscovering their inner artist,

While medicos work for a progress, clearing all this mess

In the times that is disastrous, all this some say, is just a process.

For the nature to heal and get back to its feet!

Well, if it takes a pandemic for the nature to heal,

I’d say our actions are sick and we need to learn to live as one.

And today smallest of things around us have changed, we realize how important it was to actually socialize!

And not just sit back, spread and believe unfiltered lies!

Need I say more on this?

Respect to all the frontline and essential workers!

Life is short guys! You cannot tell what would happen next, so follow your dreams and actually reach out to the people you care about!

Few tips in getting through this lockdown;

  1. Maintain the routine. Please do not break it. It will take you another hard time to get it back together.
  2. If you cannot sit at home, do not like sitting at home, please keep yourself occupied with the smallest of things you can find.
  3. You might actually start working on that dream of yours? Maybe.
  4. Check off that book/ movie/ show of that bucket list. And you could check out new stuff?
  5. Rediscover your skills.
  6. Reach out to people and continue to socialize.

Will surely be back with another post, hoping the world gets through this. Until then, LIVEyOURLIFE !

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