“You have to dream, before your dreams can come true.”
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


Dream, Goal, Aim, etc.. What do they have to do with your life??  Have you ever wondered what they mean to you?? Ever wondered why you are here?? Ever wondered how you ended up reading this blog?? Well, before I bug you with more similar questions, I would want to tell you what a dream is, well at least according to me…
A dream,  it is not just a word.. It’s a great world where one has all the things he/she needs!!
It’s a place, once visited shall give you the energy which is indestructible!! That is the place where one wants to live, but they are scared to!! They grew up with the belief that everyone cannot get what they want.. If this goes on, the world will go into a chaos!!  That’s why they fear reality!!
But in the truth reality itself is an illusion..  It is your world..  You have to create it by yourself, but thank God that you have come till here.. You have to realise this thing.. The one thing I want to make clear is,  never abandon your dreams.. And never let anyone decide what your dream is!!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
~ Walt Disney

Sometimes, your dreams do matter, so don’t give up on them so easily! You might face some obstacles but don’t give up easily!

So, When I ask you to chase your dream, I ask you to complete your

Never ever underestimate yourself or your dreams!
Well, coming back to the questions, I want to ask you another one, do you think it is just a coincidence that you are reading this? I don’t think it is. I believe that you are here for a reason, I don’t know that and neither would you, but when you do know that, make sure you make that happen!! I could share one incident from my life. I wanted to take up commerce group for my high school, but unfortunately my old school didn’t offer that group, so I took that course in a different school, I did feel sad for changing the school, but it was definitely for many reasons, one being, I started this blog while studying there.. So moving on, now I just want you to do one thing tonight before you sleep, close your eyes and ask yourself, why you are here, what’s the reason for you being where you are and most important one, ask yourself what your dream is! Well, if you know them or get to know them, then what are you waiting for, just do it! Make sure whatever action you take, whatever you do, it should take a step closer to your dream or whatever it is! Just get up and get going! Learn it if you are not good at it! Nothing should be able to stop you from achieving a life full of peace and happiness! Respect people! Spread love!
It’s not enough to just have a dream and act tirelessly, one must also believe in it!
By the way, if you want me to write on anything particular, you could let me know through comments, Facebook, Twitter, etc…
I’ll be back with another amazing post, until then just LIVE yOUR LIFE!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.”
~Anatole France


2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Pravallika July 12, 2015 / 11:39

    Sooperb one 🙂


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